Remembering 9/11


“I can remember looking off to my right and seeing American flags flying high and proud along Dale Mabry. Americans were motivated with a sense of purpose and resilience. We were united. WE WERE UNITED! That day was probably one of the longest and surreal days I have ever had to endure. That seemed like it was so long ago. We were brothers and sisters, united in strength. That was 14 years ago to be exact. So much has changed since then. As I think back to pre-9/11, everything was different. Division existed before but now it’s become rampant than ever. As I watch how the various power structures use multiple media outlets and social elements to sway the masses, have we actually succumbed to a higher power of conditioning and persuasion? Seeing the masses fall victim to misinformation and this overall media persuasion, I have to wonder whether our country is at great risk of being lost. Each and every day I wake, I notice more and more freedoms being stripped from us. I’m told that I live in a free society but, truth be told, I don’t feel so free. The corruption and deceit has been allowed to control the lives of an entire nation. Are there any American patriots left in this once great nation?” If you agree, please share this with as many people as possible. Let them know they are not alone. –


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