3 Different Ways to Tackle Anxiety

1. Embrace your flaws

Anxiety is one of the most unspoken about illnesses that plagues even the most wealthiest of individuals. It doesn’t matter who you are, what color you are, or your gender. Generally, I have been a perfectionist. So, when I make a mistake or I don’t like some of my flaws, it causes unnecessary stress and anxiety. Working toward accepting me for me has allowed me to embrace my flaws and move toward achieving my goals. This is one area that’s extremely difficult for many to accept, especially when we are consumed by so many environmental messages designed to guide us down the road of feeling like we have to live someone else’s life.

2. Perspective

Those that have struggled through panic will admit to having an unrealistic perspective of the world around them. Everything is distorted and bent toward extreme and utter fear. Your comfort zone is your friend. Although everything seems out of control, try to look at the anxiety as an opportunity to develop that part of the brain. Gaining the ability to control and divert the mind makes for an amazing asset. “The mind gets torn down to make room for a better one.”

3. Self-worth

Anxiety has a tendency to devalue us as humans. We feel less than human and inferior to everyone around us. Am I right? Our insecurities become our focal point for our anxiety. “I’m afraid to lose my job” “What if they don’t accept me for who I am” “Why did I get passed over for that promotion” Scenarios are played out over and over in our minds. It feeds the anxiety. It’s a vicious cycle. Sometimes I can’t help but to defer back to negative thinking which is why I have to train myself to eliminate certain negative thinking and replace it with positive images that spark positive thinking. I either carry pictures with me to work that remind me of my goals or I take a walk and watch the sunset along the beach. Almost anything will be better than staying inside, concluding myself from the rest of society. But you have to remember, even though you feel this battle is being fought alone, it’s not. You were born to be great and this is your path to developing and strengthening your inner being on the way to achieving greatness.


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