Over the past few months, I have gone over various blogs, many of which have expressed their deepest and darkest struggles with anxiety. I know the pain and terror that goes along with anxiety. I have struggled with it all my life. I hurt for those who have to endure the illnesses encompassed by it. I believe there is a great many opportunities here within the blogosphere to reach out and create a strong community of empowered individuals. Anxiety is such a complex issue. It’s very difficult to pin point the root causes of fears and phobias. But I truly believe that, given the knowledge and strength, any problem can be solved with one collective group of people who have suffered many nights dealing with their horrible condition. Why wait for the answers to be provided to you by a “higher authority”. I have learned so much through my own experiences and through reading and becoming very in tune to my own mind and body. I know that you must feel detached at times from the rest of society. It doesn’t have to be this way. It shouldn’t be this way. You deserve better! As I search the web, I find it extremely difficult to find a community of anxiety sufferers who rely on each other for guidance and support. Most communities are lead by a psychologist or doctor of some sort. Is there a community out there that actually ‘police’ themselves? I also want to pose this question…. If there isn’t a community like the one mentioned, what type of information would you like to have access to.



  1. Hi! Community is exactly what anxiety sufferers need! I’m trying hard to do that on my blog while also sticking to what my main goal of my blog is; to map my growth as a introvert and to express my opinions. Though honestly, anxiety is a permanent resident in my head and I find myself relating everything to anxiety. It’s weird…Great post! 😀 ~K.D.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I have found out some amazing things on anxiety just by reading and watching medical videos. I’m looking to expand on this a bit through a more permanent web site once I get situated. I’m eventually going to do away with this blog, in favor of a more interacting one. The subject matter that I have consumed makes the whole topic interesting. I have struggled mightily with anxiety and going on the offensive has helped me. If I may pick your brain……..What type of information would you like to see on a blog? Your help means the world. Thanks much

      1. I think getting many different perspectives from all kinds of people who struggle with anxiety would be really interesting and stating the facts of anxiety in a readable way. ~K.D.

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