The day in the life of me

What up! What up you geniuses! I am on a quest! Not sure what the heck I’m going to do! But I GOT TO DO SOMETHING! Day in and Day out I go in to work around 7 and get off at 4:30. And everything in between is total chaos. Don’t get me wrong! The work is very easy! Isn’t the work always easy? I love the fact that the work is easy! Easy Paycheck in a very secure job! Wow! I love the fact that I get a paycheck! I mean, without a paycheck, where would I be? I would probably be on the street somewhere in the great deserts of South Carolina. Are there even deserts in South Carolina? Alright! Back to my job! Total and utter chaos! People! I had no idea there could be so much gossip and socializing in the work place! And the environment itself is extremely toxic. I find my stress levels at a very high level each and every day. I thought we were supposed to have a fulfilling experience. Am I right? Ok. So, the other day I was sitting back in my “very” own cubicle and I just kind of zoned out for a little while. I do that quite a bit these days. I believe I was on an island somewhere out in the middle of the Pacific. Or maybe I was on my private jet flying over the Pacific itself. I don’t know! All I know is I was in my happy place! That’s a very good place to be! I love my happy place. Without it where would I be? Ok! So, that got me thinking. Each and every day I second guess whether I am fulfilling my purpose. I believe we were meant to do great things with the unique talents we were blessed with. Am I doing the right thing? How do I know what I’m good at? Were humans even designed to sit in a cubicle all day every day? None of it feels right. What do you guys/gals think? Please comment and share some of your stories.


4 thoughts on “The day in the life of me

  1. We are definitely not meant to be in a cubicle for hours on end. All I can say is work towards your dreams. That ‘secure’ job you speak of can lay you off tomorrow. My point is, you can fail, be put at risk, and have turmoil at things that you aren’t passionate about. You might as well put that risk towards something you love. Make your dreams reality, brother. Otherwise you’ll be workout for someone else’s dreams…and that could be a nightmare for you.

  2. I totally get where you’re coming from, and you’re thoughts and concerns are very normal. I would highly suggest you take a little time to look up Trust me, this is in no way a sales pitch, I get absolutely nothing from promoting her work other than the simple joy of sharing it in hopes it could help someone. I started with her DreamBuilder program, went to DreamBuilder Live and it sincerely changed my life. I’m now in her Quantum Leap program and hope to continue doing work with her. You need to get out of your current paradigm and learn that you have so much more potential and that you can truly live a life by design instead of default. Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens through you. Mary’s biggest question is always, what would I love? I’ve never experienced anything like it. Her words and wisdom are sincere and powerful. Good luck, friend.

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