My Fitness Story: First month going well

Hydee-ho my fellow peeps! Just a little update on the ole fitness goal. The first month working toward becoming healthier is going as well as planned. Not perfect by all means. I have not been eating as well as I should and my exercise schedule has been inconsistent. The consistency part is actually trending upward, so I am getting better in that department. Woo-Hoo! I am also working on my perfectionism(if that’s even a word). In the past, if things were not going perfect I would more than likely scratch the goal altogether. What’s the point of doing that now! I’ll just have to start over with the same goal a year from now. I do not like that plan. So, I think I’ll continue with this one. I don’t know! What do you guys/gals think? By the way, I will be posting updated pictures also. I am a lean mean fightin machine! Boo-ya!


6 thoughts on “My Fitness Story: First month going well

  1. Good for you! You have to keep going. I actually got up an hour early just so I could attend my middle school age daughter’s award assembly! I was very proud of myself and her. A plan, a goal and the follow through -a perfect combination!

    1. It can be tough. Especially getting up the motivation to start. But the key is to do something. A close friend of mine, who I served with, has been big into fitness his entire life. He has a youtube channel dedicated to fitness and fitness routines. He posts videos everyday of the week. I can give you the info if you’re interested.

  2. He started an initiative at the beginning of the year called relentless fit365. All you have to do is google relentless fit365. He posts videos everyday of the week. He also has a close nit community on facebook……….I follow him there……..great group of people…..I get my motivation from them. Fun group of people……facebook name is either “relentless training club” or Jake Kozens. You would be able to pick up his videos a lot easier on facebook. It’s up to you. Always good to have options though. Hope you’re doing well. Keep in touch! Let me know how you’re doing. I’m trying to get back into working out myself.

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