Every day, I anxiously wake early in anticipation of the challenges that await me. I prepare my breakfast in a still quietness that leads the strength of my spirit. My early morning workouts are filled with focus and purity. My mind peacefully drifts across universal worlds of inner consciousness, a super consciousness. On my drive to work, my mind is overcome by an unspoken force of evolutionary ideas and impending fulfillment. I am overwhelmed with anticipatory images, leading me to universal worlds of natural existence. What are these images and ideas? Why? I get to work and exit my vehicle, heading toward the employee entrance at the aging corporate building downtown. I glance to the star filled sky and notice ancient dragons and warriors battling for absolute dominance. The sounds of swords clashing for superiority can be heard from multiple galaxies far away. I enter the building and advance toward the 3rd floor. Upon me settling in my cubicle, two opposing warriors tumble by as they violent wage war against each other. While they continue their courageous battle in determination and invaluable persistence, I begin my days work in solitude. My mind, once again, begins to take the point as I fade in and out of worlds of crumbling civilizations. Rumblings can be felt from multiple battle dressed beasts roaming about as they begin their pursuit. Large winged Shadowy figures appear from the sky, releasing destructive breathes of fire through the air. Unaware of the passing time, I glance toward the clock. Lunch time! Woo-hoo! The coming adventure to Subway is no slouch either. Illuminous villains can be unnoticeably occupying and securing the streets, seeking to eliminate any impending threat to “the cause”. Unescapable, the world is consumed by a treacherous and unimaginable force designed to ensnare the unsuspecting victim. Is there hope? How can victory be won?

My lunch filled journey was met with undetectable and involuntary illusions of resilient beings seeking to devour any developing nuisance. I arrive back at the building and notice that it no longer exists. In fact, there is no building at all in the surrounding region but a very large battle field. Confused by the new found events, I step out of my car and quickly scan the area. I look back and realize my car is gone. Quickly glancing off to my right, I notice the foreseeable conflict brewing as an army of venomous soldiers appears on the horizon, armed with destructible weaponry. In disbelief, I frantically look for a way out. There’s none! Succumbing to the fact that I may have to endure the unthinkable, a sword and shield appears within my grasp, a brass chest plate fastens to my upper torso, and armored head gear slowly lowered into place. Waiting in unpredictability, the members sound off with a blast of the war horn, prepping for engagement. My heart exploding silently within me, I grip my sword and shield oh so tightly. With palms sweating and my nerves uncontrollably shaken, I sound off with a horn blast of my own. At the conclusion of the sound of the horn, I begin my charge toward a wave of uncertainty and destruction. With sword in one hand, shield in the other, continuing my descent on the enemy, I sound off with cries of victory……..victory…………victory. The opposing forces unleash with an awful scream as they begin advancing toward their objective. I, charging with full confidence and with the opposition quickly gaining ground……..with swords raised……………………..we …………………….(the army slowly fades away, my armor and weapons disappear, the background begins to reappear). I glance around and notice that I am back at my desk. I never went to lunch at all. I notice that it’s time to get off work. I was consumed by work duties the whole time.

You can do anything you want! You were born with very unique qualities that make you like no one else. Use your gifts and be great like the person you were meant to be.


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