Motivation Awaken

Motivation can be found within the core of each and every one of us! What motivates you? What drives you to want to achieve amazing feats? It’s within the boundaries of these questions that have many baffled at the reasons behind their very own motivation. You go after something for the wrong reasons and your left without any kind of achievement at all. You become a little impatient and you can only imagine what could have happened if you hung in there awhile longer. A close friend or family member criticizes your potential and you’re left feeling emotionally upset and distracted. We all have goals but what keeps us moving forward? What gives us that extra when we need it? Look deep within yourself! Remember as a child when your main priority was to dream and dream BIG. As we grew older, environmental and social factors began to weigh in and direct us down a certain path. Unaware of the implications, we blindly followed suit. Has our paths been predestined? Consider various media entities and their social efforts. Take a moment and focus on the past twenty years. Marketing has literally dominated every market. Today’s society has become more about wanting “things” and wanting them now without the sacrifice, all the while distracting the individual from pursuing a much higher potential. But not you! You have chosen to pursue your dream without any restrictions! What have you done in the past to feel a sense of purpose?


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