Good evening! I have a very important question; one that requires each of us to actually look at ourselves rather than focus on everyone us. This obviously can be very difficult considering the dynamics of today’s culture. Today’s society has been so saturated with “reality” television shows and programs that encourages drama that we literally tend to get drawn in and consumed by this way of thinking. We are so quick to accept this as reality that a more pressing issue is never addressed. This isn’t to say that you should never watch them but I believe that the real life drama that is fighting amongst each other can derail our hopes and dreams before they even begin. Do you take the time to ask yourself “How can I become successful” “What can I do to accomplish my goals?” “How long will it realistically take and how much am I willing to endure to accomplish this dream?” Take a moment and look deep within yourself. Think about the times you start toward a goal but never finish. At the moment you decide to either go another direction or give up all together, what caused you to go that route? Was it the fact that you got caught up in the next fitness fad and got distracted from your initial target or did you just get discouraged because you weren’t seeing any progress? There are a number of reasons we don’t see it through, some legitimate some not so. It’s all about progress for me. If I’m not careful, I can very easily be discouraged; and this is a process that can repeat itself over and over again. One thing that has actually helped me and maybe this can help you too; instead of setting long term goals and leaving it at that, I set small incremental goals. These can be daily, weekly, or monthly goals. It’s up to the individual. This can be very effective in giving amazing perspective during the process because that’s exactly what it is. It’s a process! I have heard that some set time aside early in the morning and write down a list of daily goals and as they complete each item they check it off. Very effective! Well, hope everyone is enjoying their week. If you have any questions or would like to share your story, please don’t hesitate to comment. Be safe and be courageous!IMG_0475


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