In a time of intense and diverse corruption, there was a young baby boy born into this world. He was different, pure in heart and built with an unbreakable spirit. He would be named Lariseus. His parents knew he was special. He was different. As a young boy, he was separated from his mother near the epicenter of the now famous “nexicum rallies” held near the local food markets approximately four or five clicks east of the village. The peaceful protest erupted into violence and little Lariseus was pulled into the angry mob of protesters and trampled. As the violence continued, a light exploded out from amongst the crowd. It sounded as if a bomb had gone off. You could hear it from miles away. Everyone stopped fighting and looked over toward the light. It was Lariseus. He was just lying there unresponsive. But that’s not what got their attention. There was a bright shining light surrounding his body. It lifted him and brought him to his mother’s arms. He was near death. He later recovered and recalled the light. “I was dreaming and I remember four bright shining warriors hovering around me. They were just looking at me. One began to speak but his mouth was not moving.” He said: “You were born with greatness within you. Harness these gifts and go out into the world with purpose.” “I then woke in an unfamiliar bed with a group of physicians and family members standing around me weeping.”


The story of little Lariseus can very easily be depicted in our own lives. We were all born with special features and characteristics that make us unique. This world has not seen anything like us, individually, but yet why do we continue to underperform and miss out on so many amazing opportunities? From the time we were born, we were told “you can’t do this” you can’t do that” “You have to get a real job ” “Why can’t you be more like little Billy or Bobby Joe? We have been brain washed into thinking a certain way. Why is it so difficult to stay away from the “popular thing.” If it assured your success, could you stray from the crowd? Look at the messages being portrayed in every commercial and on every billboard. It’s designed to spark a specific kind of emotion. It can be a control mechanism if we’re not careful and in control. I can remember all throughout grade school the feeling of being ashamed of my differences. Not fitting in or being told that I’m just too “weird”. All these experiences became ingrained in me that in order to achieve anything I had to be someone else. I tried so hard to act like another popular person. But the harder I tried, the harder I failed. It wasn’t until my early twenties that I began to understand that being different is what makes each individual great. In order to fulfill that greatness we must accept the unique characteristics that give us that opportunity to do what no one else can do. Each of us must learn to confront and accept failure in order to move forward in peace. Nothing is guaranteed! But I can say one thing………I would rather try than look back in deep regret…….


One thought on “LIVING WITHIN

  1. It’s so true! If we live being controlled by fears we will never amount to our truest potential. I love this piece!

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