Good evening everyone!! Just wanted to drop in and give a quick update on my new found journey toward a healthier lifestyle. We have seen the first couple of weeks pass by and just a few bumps in the road as you can imagine. The main thing that I have struggled with is motivation and building a certain tolerance and acceptance for the tears and sweat. Consistency, however, has been trending upward and I am extremely pleased with that result. I have mainly been weight training with high repetitions but, as my earlier posts have stated, I am working toward incorporating other elements into my routine, such as yoga and multidimensional strength training. My history is mainly with weights. I have very little experience with yoga or multidimensional strength training so it will take a little time to work them into my routine. The multidimensional strength training is an amazing way to build the core and inner strength, while shedding some pounds. I would recommend this to anyone! I have tried this and ………………………..WOW…………..I really work the entire body within 30 minutes. I am totally exhausted afterward. It makes for a great workout before the start of my work day. I would like to hear from you all and what you do to stay motivated and in shape. Until next time…………..keep on keeping on…….

This is extremely tough..........
This is extremely tough……….
Meditation is good.....
Meditation is good…..
A little yoga.....
A little yoga…..

let's get this party started......


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