Societal Designation

“In a world where conformity breeds acceptance, stand tall and go against the grain, because when every ones going the wrong way, you will be headed right”-kemar hinds

Since the beginning of time, the world has literally been consumed by various environments all leading down a similar path. Since we took our first breathe, we have been trained and taught to think a specific way. The things that we see through the media or experience while interacting with friends or family, all eventually plant a seed that directs us one way or the other. As you step foot in the office, how does the atmosphere feel? Are you surrounded by overwhelming negativity that it begins to affect your attitude as well? It has long been said that negative people create an immense amount of negativity energy, which can be felt by others. Do you even spend the time to become aware of this? When you express your desire to achieve something, is it met with great optimism or is it suppressed? Do they make excuses and blame others for their misfortunes? Take a long look around you and the people you surround yourself with. Examine the characteristics of those individuals that have succeeded before you. What made them so different? “What do they have that I don’t”.

I believe the most important thing that we can learn from the misfortunes in our own lives is that it gives us the opportunity to find the truth. The difference between YOU and the “others” is that you will decide to objectively pursue a “higher” you. In the pursuit of excellence, finding what you were born to do and achieving greatness. True happiness isn’t happiness at all but an inner peace that leads to a healthier and more fulfilling life.


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