I can remember the days of old (10 years ago) when life was fluent and persistent. The significance and distraction of the surrounding environment was almost nonexistent. Fitness gave me so much more than an outlet. It gave me stability and peace. Feeling the mental and physical effects of fitness/nutrition rushing out onto other areas of my life gave me a profound respect for this art. This is so much more than an art; it’s a lifestyle. Roughly 10 years ago, when I quit fitness, I began my own struggles. Not knowing the road that I would be lead down as a result of not taking care of both my mental and physical wellbeing. I now realize that fitness has given me so much. It gave me that promotion! It boosted my social and family life. It helped me with my finances and it helped me to grow as a human being, among other things. Fitness gave me a peace of mind that allowed me to thrive in my environment and open my world up to so many other possibilities. I have been away from it for so long and I have suffered for it. I think it’s time to return to where I belong……


Well, as you all know, I previously laid out my workout schedule and I completed day 1. I have to say…… did not go as planned (refer to pictures)……………………………

IMG_0397 IMG_0398 IMG_0401 IMG_0402



  1. Haha! I appreciate your sense of humor. This is going to be what helps you through the pain on the tough days. Keep grinding through it.

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