During the past several years, I have struggled emotionally, mentally, and physically. Being diagnosed with various panic/social disorders, I began to understand a specific area of human health I never understood before, the mind. I began to research and experiment with different fitness/nutrition methods and how they affect mood and behavior. Considering I didn’t want to become a pawn in the pharmaceutical game, I began to pay attention to how eating specific foods/keeping away from others drastically altered the state of mind(not drugs)….oh and other things played a major factor… getting enough sleep……….being positive………….surrounding myself with positive people………..being in a positive environment……………….and having a solid exercise routine. I cannot emphasize exercise enough……..IT’S IMPORTANT! One thing that has truly baffled me is the inability of certain industries to look at alternatives rather than turn to various treatment methods. Rather look for a long term sustainable solution, unsuspecting consumers are brought into an expensive and vicious cycle. These thoughts and opinions are mine and only mine and are based on my experiences and business knowledge. Many of these medical treatments have and will continue to be useful to many seeking help. They, however, have not been helpful to me. So, I plan on taking a little journey and going against what many believe to be true. My experiences and struggles have lead me into a dark world of anguish and uncertainty. There were certain days I felt as if surrender was an option. For years I have been mislead into believing certain societal myths and misperceptions. I would fall, as many of you, for the attitudes and dramatic conclusions of my environment. Maybe I was becoming a product of my environment. I don’t know but what I do know is I do not want to give in to the attitudes that have failed so many before. This will include a total life style change. Now, this can be overwhelming and has in the past. So, I’m going to have to take a more simplistic approach and focus on one thing at a time(baby steps). The first thing I have to focus on is extremely imperative and, I believe, is the core of any life style, and that would be establishing a solid and consistent exercise program. I think we all need to be held accountable in every endeavor and I would hope that all of you hold me accountable to this task as well. This is going to be exciting and fun at the same time. I challenge all of you to join me in this pursuit. Take a look at your lives and challenge yourself to take a different approach to life. We were all born with a desire to be great. Why hold back. Reach deep and find that child that once had a dream to do great things in this life. It’s in each and everyone one of us. “Through our struggles, we have hope. Through our struggles, there is opportunity. Through anguish and pain, we are formed.” I will be taking on this challenge, starting with the exercise program, and keep you posted on my progress. Please, share your thoughts and some of the things you struggle with. Joining me in this journey will be relentless fit365(youtube). This is reference to a unique approach to exercise. Ok…..Let’s do this!


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