There standing far far away deep in the unknown islands of the Pacific is a place most have never heard of…….the most extraordinary place known to the imagination. Many adventurers spend most of their lives searching for such a place and those who find it……..well……….they either never return or if they do make it out, their state of mind will never be the same. What causes such madness? Where do these people end up? What do they have to endure? Why do they even seek this place out? What is it like there?  So many questions and absolutely no answers.  I have to know what goes on there. I must know! It has long been told the horrors that echo throughout the dark corners of the universe converge to form a world within a world right here on Earth.  A PERFECT STORM IF YOU WILL! A cloud of energy is created, pulling negative atmospheric pressures from the far reaching corners of the universe. Negative forces from all walks of life pull together to form and create an atmosphere that actually creates its’ own self-sustaining life forms. But these species are no ordinary species. These creatures are designed to wage war against anything and everything which is pure and good.  How’s your mind? Do you think you have total control of your thoughts? A major contributor in the arsenal of these beasts is the ability to mutate into a parasite like form and enter little passages or pores in the body, overtaking and pushing the mind into a hallucinogenic type state. Everything you’ve ever feared, every nightmare you’ve ever had, every worry(whether realistic or unrealistic), every negative thought you’ve ever experienced, they all come to life right in front of your eyes………..and there’s nothing that you can do to keep these entities from entering existence because YOU created them. You either allow these thoughts to destroy you or you learn to conquer the things that have controlled you up to this point. These parasites are designed to grow and thrive in a chaotic environment. And when these creatures are threatened with extinction, they mutate, forming and changing its’ defenses against any new threat. So, when there is a new vaccine developed to fight these things, it changes its defenses to overcome the new vaccine. How can such a place exist? I mean, is it real? What type of environment is this that these creatures become almost invincible? Follow me as I explain…………….

Imagine, if you will, a large piece of land in a large body of water. Along the edges of this piece of land lays large jagged rocks forming a fifty foot high barrier all the way around. A mist of darkness settles high above, creating a dome-like figure that extends to the deepest and darkest corners of the island. Wave upon wave violently clashes up against the stone woven wall…………..CLASH…………..CLASH clash…………..a crumbling vessel can be spotted in the distance as it smacks into the dreadful  rocks sitting on the ocean bed floor…………(sounds of wood breaking apart).

There I stand all alone in darkness. A chill trickles down my spine, signaling a second presence. Turning and quickly scanning the area, I notice a shadow moving just beyond my peripheral. A slight tremble begins to settle within my awaken central nervous system. “WHO IS THAT?” “IS ANYONE THERE?” I yell out searching for a response. (giggle)(giggle) Sounds of giggles can be heard echoing in the distance. “HELLO”? I slowly begin to inch along the edge of the incoming tide. “PLEASE SOMEBODY” Horrific screams can be heard coming from inside the walls.  A drop of sweat begins to form over the right brow as my senses become quickly heightened. My heart begins to silently implode as my mind gets drawn into this unfamiliar world. “This unspeakable torture” (grabbing my head)   Images begin to uncontrollably race through my mind, incapacitating my ability to focus. “…….AGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH………. I……..I……………………CAN’T…….SEEM………………………SEEM………..TO FOCUS.” Overwhelmed and feeling exhausted, the mindful tortures bring my frail knees crashing to the silk laden sand just below. ……..”WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME”? …………AGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH. CANT…CAN’T BREATHE….” With my surroundings quickly overtaking and alerting my defenses, my body’s inability to respond sends the central nervous system into overdrive.  My hands begin to tremble and my spirit begins to weaken. My torso begins to succumb to the overwhelming forces surrounding the beach, causing it to lean forward and bringing my hands barreling into the sand in front of me. As my limbs lay weak and outstretched, my hands buried deep beneath the sand, the elements below begin to twirl around my wrists, forming cuffs and shackling me to the ever changing ground below. Unaware of the full strength of dangers that await me, I pull my hands out of the sand and realize the severity of my impending doom as my limbs remain cuffed. HHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNKKKKKKKK Leaning back, a blast of the great titanic horn can be heard coming from the deep ocean in the midst of heavy fog. Torturous screams coming from behind the walls can be heard getting closer as the dark skies above begin to swirl. My heart pounds harder and harder as the noises get louder and louder. As I slowly bring myself to my feet, anticipating further elemental activity, when I didn’t think that the noises could get any louder, the screaming, the moaning, the dark clouds, the winds, the titanic, all of it disappear. I slowly glance off to my right, then to my left. Nothing. BAM! In the blink of an eye and without warning, a large doorway in the wall slams open. With my heart and mind racing like no other, I wait in anticipation. My eyes locked in that direction. It was as if time had stopped and every movement was in slow motion. With my senses already on high alert, I begin to hear movement just beyond the entry point. (thumpthump……..thumpthump…..thumpthump……thumpthump..) My heart pounds faster and faster, harder and harder. With the opening in the wall noticeably nightmarishly dark, a large beast-like figure slowly reveals itself as it exits the barrier. This mammoth of a beast stands over 7 feet tall, with sharp scaly skin, long horns that curve toward the back, large sharp nostrils, ears that can only be described as freakishly pointy. Its’ torso is fully developed, along with its’ legs. The feet are in the form of suction cups and appear to extend out a bit. It stops in its’ tracks and begins to scan the surrounding areas. It notices me and sounds off with an awful scream. This entity begins to advance toward me. Paralyzed in disbelief and fear, I am stuck as this thing gets closer. It stops about 20 feet from my position and stares at me with a dreadful look in its eye and a low pitched snarl. Suddenly, I hear a great howl coming from the wall. I quickly look over and see another creature exit. About the same size as the first, except this one has eyes that extend all the way around its head and is armed with scale like dread locks protruding out from the back of the head. It proceeds out onto the beach and toward me just as the first did. Left there with two angry unexplainable “things” staring me down, another one exits the wall…………..and then another………………………..and another…………a numerous amount of creatures…..each carrying with it its own unique identity and self-absorbed characteristics …………….each one filing out onto the beach and surrounding me like predators in search of their prey. As they move closer, I can sense my demise is almost certain. With hope quickly diminishing, a ringing begins to settle in the inner lining of my ear drum… it gets increasingly louder, I look up and notice a faint light in the distance just beyond the settled crowd of monsters. A voice calls out to me from this light……it’s faint and uncertain. As the beasts move closer, the light gets brighter and brighter….and the voice becomes more clearer  ……..”Billy……..Billy………” My mind begins to fade in and out. The light totally consumes the entire beach. The voice becomes louder………..”Billy………….hey man…..wake up…………..wake up Billy…..” My mind slowly fades out of the beach. (GASP) I quickly jolt up as I gasp for air. Trembling in sweat, I quickly scan the area for any new threats. I look off to my right and notice a heart rate monitor beeping and a ventilator. Off to the other side, I see two familiar faces….both being two very close friends. Realizing that I’m back and safe, I lean back into the bed, putting my hand over my head and taking a nice deep breathe. “That was close” “I didn’t think you guys would pull me out quick enough”

Ben begins to speak….”Ya man, I thought you were a goner……………We had some trouble with the equipment back here at base” “We got it working just in time”

Billy: “I’m getting too old for this…..I have scouted how many worlds?………….you guys have never had this issue………….”

Ben: “I know, we are working through some kinks as we speak.”

Billy: “Just make sure it doesn’t happen next time. I would hate for my mind to get trapped and consumed by a different universe.”

Ben:  “haha……… yes sir, now that we have completed the scout, we can forward all gathered intelligence to the appropriate department so that a team can be put together to go in and extract the target.”

Billy: “Ok then……………lets’ do it.”



    1. Thanks Jake! I appreciate the comment. Glad you enjoyed reading it. If you have any other content ideas or questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

    1. Thanks Keith,
      I appreciate the comment! Glad you liked it! If you have any other content ideas or would like to read more, please let me know. Hope everything is good with you. Take care.

  1. That is a really good short story, Jason. Where did you come up with the idea. Sounds like from a freakish nightmare.

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