I know no bounds.

I am under your bed.

I am in your dreams .

I am in your closet.

I am under your footsteps.

I am your shadow.

I know no bounds.

Run from me and you will find me.

Destroy me you will not do.

I am everywhere.

I am in your head and I am in your tube.

I am in your clothes and I am in the air.

Seek me you shall not find.

Avoid me and I will keep you.

Agony is most certain.

Pain is forever.

Torture will follow.

So, lay low.

The inevitable awaits you.

We will be joined.

We will be connected.

If you are to escape, you must find my weakness.

My weakness hides below.

Come and find me if you dare.

Darkness and horror will surround you.

Suffering will overcome you.

So, find me if you can.

I am not easy.



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