Sometimes I wonder what freedom really means. As I reflect back on my life, the things that I was brought up to believe, watching various news channels and how they presented current events, following my favorite actors/actresses, watching/ listening to many different infomercials and advertisements telling its audience what they should or shouldn’t believe. There are so many messages consumed by the human mind. What should I believe? Who should I trust? There are so many forces, elements fighting for power. I struggle each day escaping to find an identity. Who am I really? What talents did I bring against all odds? Each day, my mind is consumed by overwhelming messages. What am I to believe?  Why do I feel overwhelmed and exhausted?  I cannot escape! It’s everywhere like vultures circling and waiting for my demise. Who am I to become? Where will this journey lead me? (My mind begins to fade in and out……….)

(My surroundings begin to fade and transform into utter darkness) Horrific forces begin to swirl and twist above me like a category 5. “What is happening ?” “AAAGGGGHHH  “I …….I can’t seem to…to…..…..can’t …..can’t……..breathe (gasp)(gasp)……”A shiver begins to trickle down my spine as I grapple in agony. “Where am I”? “Someone please help” Standing there in pain and confusion, I lean back looking up into the dark gaping skies…….the forces get stronger and stronger faster and faster………the winds swirl and twirl……. With a thunderous clap, the elements funnel down waging war against my battered soul. Collapsing to the ground, an uncontrollable tremble overruns my shaken spirit. The abandoned structures surrounding my presence lean over me like a terrorizing nightmare, mocking my existence. “Please, someone HELP ME!”

(CLAP)A ROD RIPS OUT OF THE SKY STRIKING MY LEFT WRIST, SHACKLING ME AND BOLTING ME TO THE AGING PAVEMENT.  (CLAP) ANOTHER QUICKLY STRIKING THE RIGHT AND BOUNDING ME IN DARKNESS! (sigh) And there I am……… bent over, shackled, wounded and stripped of any hope.  What has become of me? Why me? What have I done? Beaten and scarred, glancing up, far in the distance, a single light appears faint but present. Representing hope, perseverance, and wisdom, the light sounds off with a thunderous roar……………….. With the elements baring down on my fragile body, the light grows stronger, slowly bringing me to my feet. Surrounded and outnumbered, there I am, standing among venomous creatures seeking to devour my existence.  I will not give in……I will prevail.


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